Beach bumming at Camotes Island, Cebu

Camotes Island is located near the island of Cebu. 3 hours of travel from the airport. The boat trips going to the island are very limited, so we immediately left Mactan-Cebu International Airport to go to Danao Port. The port is around 40-minute taxi ride and it cost us P500! We took the RJR pump boat for P180 along with the locals, plus a P5 terminal fee. **I don’t advice this to sensitive people, the benches are narrow, I saw 4 people vomiting, and it’s hard to rest. Haha.** The boat was scheduled to leave at 11:00am, but we left at 11:20. Finally after 2 hours, we arrived at Consuelo Port! We were literally greeted by the locals there! We taught they were waiting for something, but they were waiting for us, the passengers. It was hard to get pass through them! Imagine a stampede! They were offering a P20 for “motor” ride, and P50 each for jeep. The P20 is for riding on the back of a single motorbike! Haha. Good thing we chose the jeep ;) We stayed in Santiago Bay, 15-20 minutes away from the port. And we lingered there until our 3rd day! Talk about being beach bums! So here’s a photo dump of what happened:

Ray-ban Ladies waiting for the boat to leave

Narrow benches

Santiago Bay

 Low tide! Stairs from the resort.

Long stretch of sand

The shore


Pool, overlooking the beach

Lots of starfish along the shore

Spot the stars

Day 2 is the ultimate beach bum experience!

Going back to the resort, spot the stairs!

Low tide again in the afternoon

We miss you Angeli and Stacy!

The beach is ours ALL day long.

The local “stampede” waiting for the passengers…

 Good thing we were able to ride a better boat going back to Danao.

The A/C room is only for P200!

 The non a/c is good too, for P180. Much better than the pump boat!

Consuelo Port

Picture taking around the boat

 One of the staff invited us to the “Captain’s” room :)

Old school equipments!

Try Cebu Lechon!

Our flight was super delayed, 6:00pm became 8:20pm.

Therefore, free Chickenjoy from CebuPac.


This trip was fun and relaxing! There’s so much to see, and more islands to discover here in the Philippines!



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4 thoughts on “Beach bumming at Camotes Island, Cebu

  1. Star Leoncio says:

    Hi Dianne, compliments for lovely photos and holidays you’ve had in Cebu, I was really searching the web regarding cebu, evrery year we come to visit Philippines By august for 50 days holiday, We live in Italy, Mu hubby is Italian and I have 2 boys, usually we come to see Boracay for a month, but this time we just had enough of it, as the Island is too small, were thinking about Cebu, I dont know about Cebu, I’ve been to Shang Mactan 10 years ago, as I remember the place is huge. My scare about cebu is I’ve heard the beaches are not so beautiful and finest like el nido or boracay, Then I saw this Camote Island, in which I fall in love with youre photos of the Island. Please help me to give more details if I can rent a luxury villa in this camote island, or do u suggest to rent a villa in Danao, please tell me something, and hope to meet u oneday there. A big thanks xxx


    • dianneandheritchyfeet says:

      Wow! Thanks Star! We stayed in Santiago Bay, you can check their site: :) Camotes island is big, but its not like Boracay with all the restaurants and vacationers. There are a lot of things to do in Cebu, like the skywalk in Crown Regency, tour around the city, you might want to check other islands too, like Bantayan Island, some of my friends went there :) Hope you’ll have a great time on your vacation!:)

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